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Since no body got my last question, how do i make a avatar version of my self_James Cameron's AVATAR_? Answered

No body gave me the right answer. Basically I want to make myself look like a Na'vi of GIMP not Photoshop, GIMP. Also how can I make it look natural?


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11 years ago

Well, you'd want to elongate body, limbs, but not head (I think?), scale yourself up relative to backgrounds (they _are_ about 9' tall, after all), shift skin tones toward blue (probably involves cutting yourself into a separate image plane and shifting the color balance of that plane -- unless you're willing to just go with blue makeup), paint in a tail, paint in the skin markings -- oh, yeah, and before you do any of that you probably want to think about costuming. Especially since the more you can do with yourself in real life to approximate the intent, the easier it will be to manipulate the image the rest of the way.

Further work is needed on the face and hands, but I don't remember the Nav'i well enough to advise on that.  Find publicity photos and work from them.

I haven't used GIMP so I can't advise on specifics -- and I haven't pushed the boundaries of PerfectPhoto or Elements. But I believe GIMP has essentially the same capabilities as all the other image editors folks have been using for the past two decades, so the concepts should be  the same.

(My own experience in this area mostly dates back to when we had to write our own image manipulation software.)


Answer 11 years ago

that program ROCKS