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Singer Contest! Answered

I've entered several contests including winning one a few years ago - the valentines day contest with my soapy beating love heart! (aparently the system for flagging it as a winner won't because I won before the system was implemented! nevermind!)

I was very suprised that my first prize was shipped all the way from the US to me in the UK.  I'd not won a competition before that and was very happy to have done so from so far away as well.

I didn't realise the rules had changed and the new 'sew warm' competition is US and Canada only.

My wife has decided to make her own instructable for the sew warm competition - the prize was a big motivator in getting her to post.  She's not done it yet but will probably over this weekend.  She's completed her project on a 100 year old Singer sewing machine!  Just the sort of thing I would have thought singer might be interested in!

If she was ever-so-lucky enough to win, I'd be happy to sort out the customs etc as I would any purchase from abroad!


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11 years ago

Usually it's not a problem of customs but rather of law. I am from Quebec and most contests are void here because of the laws for our province. It's gotten to a point where I decided to stop applying to contests because they always exclude Quebec (to my chagrin)

See here the contest has to register themselves to the province's lottery and usually put money up front for the prize, it's done to protect people from not getting their prizes, but what usually happens is that they just don't bother and we can never participate to anything. It sucks but maybe because of the amount of the prize, it might fall under some regulation from your country and it makes it complicated for Instructables to actually give you a prize.