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Single PCB manufacturing sources Answered

Hey all, So I found a project on here that will fit my needs for issue I have. It has scematicats and a board design. Are there services that make up these items? I really only need one or two made so not sure the big PCB guys will take it on. Any leads appreciated!! Thanks PPVSteve@Gmail.com

Project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-manual-control-of-stepper-motors-without-a-/


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1 year ago

In that Instructable, only *.tmp-files are posted as far as i can see.

However, if you can generate Gerber-Files, any prototyping PCB-Service is good enough generally...
I very often use JLCPCB.com (5PCBs for 2$ total). Others like OSHpark work as well...