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Single remote control button for grandma Answered


I am trying to turn a remote controlled socket remote control (which comes with 4 on and an off buttons) into a single button remote, so that when pressing the button the light would go (on/off/on/off etc.) I am putting this together for a friend with limited mobility who is having issues pressing the on and the off button independently and was wondering if anyone could help?

My knowledge of this is incredible limited, so apologies if this is a super simple solve.

The current remote (seen in the picture) has a frequency of 433.92MHz

Thank you!!!



2 months ago

You get 2 and 4 channel remotes with a relay block in the receiver for dirt cheap on Ebay.
Most of them do exactly what you want already.
Each button toggles the status of the corresponding relay.

Jack A Lopez

2 months ago

I think reducing the number of buttons to two, a complementary pair of on and off, would be very easy.

Reducing the number of buttons to zero would also be very easy. This is equivalent to throwing the remote away.

However, reducing the number of buttons to exactly one, and having the function of this button toggle, like you suggest, turning a thing off (when the thing is on) and turning a thing on (when the thing is off), seems much more challenging.

The part that boggles my mind, is how is the remote going to know whether the thing is on or off, so that it can make the right decision about which signal to send? It is choice between two: either the "turn on" signal or the "turn off" signal. Also how does it know if the signal it sent was received, and if the receiver turned the thing on, or off?

Maybe it could just send both signals alternately, as long as the single button is held down, but with a period so slow, the user, your grandma, could just let her finger off the button when she determines the thing, the thing being turned on or off, is in the right state