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Sipriani Rifle V1 Answered

Sadly, I don't have enough green rod to build V2 (or do I?). BUt I already saw that Statified( IF thats wrong let me know I can't spell worth ****) had done a review on the V2 so I made V1 and wanted to Review it. Over all I think this rifle if an extrodinary rifle and awesome looking. Power : 10/10 Accuracy: 10/10 Strength: 9/10 might break Reliability: 10/10 Looks: 9/10 If you think otherwise, my minion will get you


DJ RadioI_am_Canadian

Reply 10 years ago

no, I dont plan to either. I have my own knex plans, like getting enough parts to really max out my skills. What I can make with the parts I have is not the best I can do, and most of my best ideas used too many parts (hence no pics of em). I actually did attempt to build all of my ideas.