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Siri proxy address Help!!! If you help me, I PROMISE I will subscribe to you! Answered

I recently downloaded spire off cydia. Spire bring Siri to older devices but I need a Siri proxie server code in order for it to work. I have searched the Internet for hours but can't find one that hasn't been filled (each server only holds 10 iPhones). If you can find me a working siri proxy server address that isn't full, I will subscribe to you. I PROMISE!!!!  I also won't publish it or share it as so it remains usable and doesn't get filled.

My specifications:
Iphone 3GS 
On 02

Thank You If You Can Help!!!! :D


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Best Answer 9 years ago

it is NOT illegal to jail break your ios device it just voids the warranty.
at this time it is NOT illegal to install the spire siri software.
here is a link for a good server it costs 20 a year.


9 years ago

What you are doing is quite illegal, and is one of the reasons these stupid SOPA and PIPA bills are being discussed right now. First of all, my time is valuable, and what you are asking requires a lot of work, not to mention a jail broken iPhone or iPod and I am not about to jailbreak my iPod. I don't think anyone on this site would help you do anything illegal, even if it didn't involve a lot of time.