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Site Update Answered

So maybe I've got the right spot for this comment this time (Thanks, Kiteman, for the wake up), but here goes..the last time the site had an update wasn't too bad. Things were relatively easy to see and find, and the previous style had been a little cumbersome--now it's a big mishmash and confusing as hell. What is it with geeks who can't leave what works well enough alone, but have to try and fix it? (I'm looking at you here, too, Firefox.)

Pay attention here folks! The project of the day humongous header at the top of the page--it's frickin' annoying!! It was good to be able to see all the projects in a row, very neat and organized, and then go to the one I'm interested in. Surely I'm not the only one? I can't get here everyday and now the different projects are extremely hard to catch up on.

I'm not trying to be mean, nor am I against constructive change or fixing problems, but changing something just to be different doesn't always work. People come here to see the projects, etc., To connect on ways to do things or build things, not to see a website where someone wants to show off their building skills. Please take a poll of your readers or something and see what everyone else thinks. If I'm a minority opinion I'll just learn to lump it, but I still won't have to like it!


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

9 years ago

Yes!!! I agree! I have been frustrated since the change, too; it's impossible to find out what the most recently-added projects are, and that was a key thing I liked about Instructables. Projects I know are months (or YEARS) old are cycling in each row, whereas just a couple of weeks ago, it was so simple to see what was new.

It was also difficult to find out how to express this complaint (don't know if this is b/c of the new format or not; this is the first comment I've felt compelled to post in a while, or maybe ever) -- and I have my doubts as to whether any admin-types will even see this comment.

Looks like we've lost something good here for the sake of "progress"...