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Skin glue? Aka Special effects Make Up Artist / Prosthetics? Answered

Hi. I am involved in Film Making, and while I have seen make up artists apply skin glues, I personally haven't dabbled in any Make Up Artist adhesives.

Would it be possible to add a chapter for Make Up/skin glue - their safety and how to apply and safely remove them. And which is a recommended (generic) brand, if any. And if any household method can be used to CREATE our own home made (& safe) adhesive to bond to human skin.

Thanks. :)



Best Answer 2 years ago

I have used white glue and glue sticks to stick things like sequins or paper to skin temporarily. Beyond that you are looking at serious adhesives like Spirit Gum which really sticks.

I may not have the time to add a new chapter to this class, but in this instructable Mikaela uses clear eyelash glue to set gems and and falsies to her model.

Good luck!