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Sky Lanterns, Japanese Lanterns? Answered

This is a request for an instructable on how to build inexpensive, easy to pack, easy to use, high flying sky lanterns. I have a now 15 year old niece who has been sick most of her life and will be at the Mayo early this summer for an opperation that will either kill or cure her. She's going to be in rough shape for a couple days before and a couple weeks after the opperation. She loves the art of fireworks but I can't provide that for her in Rochester. I'd like to have a few evening lantern launches for her to lift her spirits and give her something to look forward to in the midst of her serious tribulations.

I've bought two boxes from Skylighter. They are a great company. I've always had positive experiences in my business with them. Unfortunately they have been out of the white Sky Lanterns, and their Lanterns are a bit smaller than I would like. I've seen tube shaped lanterns on youtube but I've not seen directions on how to make them. I'd like to make biodegradable/safe lanterns. Please Help

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8 years ago

Well I've never made one myself, but my chemistry professor has made some and he said he used a cotton ball coated in Vaseline (petroleum jelly) which he said burns for about five minutes. Beyond that any sort of light paper covering should probably work with some chopsticks attached to the bottom to hold the cotton ball.


Answer 8 years ago

Maybe just a paper lunch bag would work? And good luck with the operation!