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Skype on Android stopped working after OS update Answered

If you use Android and Skype you might have encountered the same problem that I did after the last Skype update.
For some reason the chat still works fine but neither incoming nor outgoing calls work.
I did not even see an incoming call or hear the "ringing" when trying to call someone.
The Skype support is in no way helpful in this matter as I did spent several hours reading through the support and forum sections only to realise they are not interested in addressing the issue.
They will fix it with the next version but make no claims on when the next version will be available.
As I had not used Skype for a while I only knew it worked just fine before I was greeted with the new look and "features".
After a lot of trial and error I found a workaround to solve the problem for now:

1. Disable the automated updates for Skype.
To do so go into the playstore and seach for Skype.
Once found you will find three little dots in the top right corner of the screen, right next to the search button.
Tap on it and untick the automated updates.
2. Uninstall Skype in app manager, also clear the cache while you are there.
3. Go to a nice website that stores older program versions, like Uptodown (there are many others if you search Google):
4. Download and install version 5.10.57240 - do not start it after you installed it!
5. Repeat step 1. If the box for the updates is still unticked leave it otherwise untick it again - you don't want an automated update right now.
6. Start Skype, provide your login details and it should work just fine again.

Additional infos...
This is a workaround and no solution.
The version I mentioned worked fine for me, you might have to try a different one if you still have problems.
You should check every now and then if a newer version of Skype is available and if so test it.
Skype started to disable older versions which means it is possible that your old version refuses to work - you will be able to tell as Skype give an error message claiming you have network problems, this is a clear indicator of a blocked version.
At the time of writing this version was current.


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