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Slide up /down wall mount for flat monitor/tv Answered

Hello fellow builders!

Title says it all. I would like to build something like this project: https://www.instructables.com/id/TV-Lift-Cabinet-in-under-three-hours/ but without the motor and closet. 

I would like to attach a monitor to a metal plate (or rails). This plate has to be attached to a wall and be able to slide up/down that wall vertically. I will manually pull it upwards (weight monitor is 10 pounds max) or push it downwards. And it has 'stay' in the position I pulled it up to, but sliding up/downwards has to be easy.

But there's one catch: I do not want to see rail's or something on the wall ABOVE the monitor when it is in its downwards position. Also it would be nice if it was as sleek as possible.

Does somebody know what kind of sliding mechanism I could make/buy that could be suitable for this task? I've done a lot of asking/searching but no one seems to have any usable tips!

Many thanks!


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10 years ago

You can create some kind of scissor-lift pantograph mechanism or mount the plate to ride on heavy duty drawer rails on the sides. You will need to create some sort of locking stop or racheting mechanism so it clicks into place and does not drop. Good luck.