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Sliding vertical Gun Rack Answered

I’m looking to build a pull out vertical gun rack, but the kicker is I want it to be motorized with a keypad or some type of biometric scanner or combo of both to make something like the Armour on cod black ops 3 so what can I use for the motorized slider and what will enable me to add a keypad or biometric scanner


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11 months ago

You can buy them....
For a bit more than a normal gun safe though...
But I guess you are not that much after the whole thing of building a gun rack that complies to local or state rules for safe firearm storage?
Just asking as around here restrictions are quite low but I now from people in other countries who had to pay really big bucks for their firearm storage box...

So let's play some theoretical game...
Fingerprints and other biometrics are only as safe as their hardware is capable.
For example a decent fingerprint these days works with 3D profiles, resisance check and some even check for oxygen in your blood - optical.
These can't be fooled with an etched copy of a fingerprint ...
Problem is that every system might need a manual override - the weak point.
Or one needs to accept that a faulty sensor or electronics mean opening with a heavy duty angle grinder or drop saw...
Similar story for the mechincs and box material.
In most cases 2mm steel would be enough to keep a keen person out long enough.
However, general rule of thumb is to make sure the thing (empty) is already too heavy to be transported with two people and no problems.
Makes sense as well to make sure things like hinges can't be drilled out quickly or that a crowbar is not able to get into gaps to force it open.

Having said that:
Look for motorised TC cabinet or sliding TV rack.
Even here on Instructables are some very projects for this stuff.
And it really makes little to no difference at all for the mechanics to work horizontal instead vertical.
In the most basic form you can even use a belt, motor and pulley with end switches for the positions.
Means you COULD do without any complicated electronics for the opening mechanism.
Linear actuators come to mind here as well.
The later though will need at least a half decent 12V battery to work.
A small (fast and geared down) motor on the other hand is happy on just 3 AA batteries.
Heavy duty drawer slides for a smooth movement.
All your biometrics kit needs to do is to send a signal to make the motor run.
And what drives the motor will make sure it runs in the right direction.
As for manual override:
Consider a drop lock.
Means you have the cylinder at the end of a more or less long tube.
This way picking even a quite simple lock is next to impossible, same for drilling it out if deep enough ;)