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Sloar powered fans with battery charger.? Answered

I am looking for a solution to a small problem I have a solar powered fan details are
  • Current: (isC) 300mA
  • Output: 2V
  • Motor-current: 20mA to 100mA
  • Motor-voltage: 1V to 3V
  • I would like to have a solar panel charging the batteries & running the fan during sunny daylight hours & double AA or triple AAA bateries running it after dark.
Any easy solution please.


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11 years ago

You can anibalize a solar garden light for the sensor cursuit, and have that trip a relay when the sun goes down, and also trip another one to disconnect the rechargeable batteries from the solar panel if you want. I would just buy some rechargeable AA batteries and a battery holder, and buy a nice solar panel and hook it up to the batteries (remembe to use diodes).

Basically the solar panel will continuously charge the batteries, and the solar garden light can be hooked up to those or it's own power source, and when the light is dim enough, instead of sending power to an LED it will activate a relaay, sending power to the fan. 

You could also have a very large battery bank for longer run time, and a voltage regulator.