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Slow Release compound in Water? Answered

We are trying to fabricate an artificial bait for crab fishing and we are searching for a compound that we can mix the attractants in and that will dissolve slowly in water - thus releasing the bait-smell over a long period of time. Preferably over a period of 48 hours at the minimum at not too cold water temperatures. Does anyone have any ideas what type of compound this could be?


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

I use Jell-O, Knox Gelatin, lard like bacon fat, or melted gummy bears depending on water temp stink color and pray.

Relatively warm water gummy bears.

Cool water Knox gelatin or Jell-O.

Cold water lard or bacon fat.

For cold water the bacon fat leaves a long oil slick and a strong smell.

Pork rinds cooked in the bate will last for days and hold on a hook.

Bagging in cheese cloth lasts a long time and lets small bits of the bate out.


5 years ago

Methyl cellulose

....solid sugar's slow dissolving rate was used in WWII as a delay fuse on limpet mines.


5 years ago

Are you looking for something that acts like a sponge and would release attractant slowly, or something that would 'melt' over time? Off the wall I'm trying to think of dried on things that are hard to clean off dishes or that stay solid in liquids... Tapioca absorbs liquids and can be flavored but stays together in tea or pudding. Just a thought.