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Small Home/ Small Apartment Work Bench Answered


I am a senior industrial design student and I am currently working on my senior thesis, which is to design a workbench or work station for DIY people who live in small apartments or small homes with no dedicated rooms to build in. I am looking for ideas/experiences/input from DIY people who have experienced this issue. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this type of work bench design please post them here. More importantly please answer the interview questions I have posted below. The more information I can collect from potential users of this type of workbench, the better all-around design I can come up with for the final product. I am really looking forward to hearing for everyone. Thank you for you help!

1. When you need to build or make something in your home, in what space do you build/make? (Living room, bedroom, office, outside, etc.)
2. What type of surface do you build on? (Worktable, desk, kitchen table, etc.)
3. What types of projects do you build or make? (Home improvement, decoration, storage, furniture, etc.)
4. What tools do you own?
5. Which of those tools are most useful in your builds?
6. How do you store your tools?
7. What issues do you encounter trying to build in your small space?
8. Are there any specific ideas you have that would make your building/make experience better in your small space?



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Most used while i liven in an apartment is a Dermal with a full assortment of attachments. Also made a project box. Basically it's a large clear Rubbermaid container. You place it upside down on your work space. In the front make a cut out to allow you to have easy access to your tools and work piece. On the back you need a hose adapter so you can plug in a small shop vac. Then you have a box you can do your sanding, cutting and grinding in without the dust going all over the house. I like to cut the bottom out of the container and place a sheet of acrylic in it's place so you have a better view of your work from the top and acts as a face shield.

Now my dermal and accessories fit nicely in a large fishing tackle box. But you just have to be creative. Each small living area presents it's own unique problems and inovative solutions to be able to practice your craft.