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Small Scale Scuba Gear within $100? Answered

I had an idea for a good instructable. I'm trying to plan out on paper a neat breathing apparatus for a hundred dollars. Constraints are that it has to fit on the face, can be carried anywhere, and should at least provide one minute of oxygen. As a plus, why not add a pump so you can replenish the air supply when its running low.

The way i might build this, ultimately, shouldn't be too hard. But what is being difficult is what to use to hold the air supply. would an air tank from an airsoft gun be any good? or would i have to use something different to contain the pressure? Any input would be greatly appreciated!




7 years ago

Never happen.


7 years ago

First of all, this is an absolutely great idea if you want to kill yourself.

If you want to live give it a miss. Or buy one of the readily available spare air kits. http://www.spareair.com/

The length of time it would last depends on how deep you are, e.g. it would last 1/2 the time at 10metres (33feet) than it would at the surface, 1/3 at 20m etc.

As it seems that you have no idea about gasses under pressure you will probably end up killing yourself before you even got wet. The pressure of air (don't try it with 100% O2 as you will end up killing yourself with this too) coming out of a scuba tank is enough to blow air through your skin and inflate it.

Basically, what Im trying to say is. You will end up killing yourself. So unless you want a Darwin award. don't even try it.

As Verence said, 1 minute is nothing, anyone can hold their breath for that long.


Reply 7 years ago

Then for the safety of people who think this is a good idea, I shall rid the site of this abomination-


8 years ago

One minute of air supply? Just train yourself to hold your breath.

Otherwise, you'll need a regulator to make the pressure lung-compatible, if the pressure in the tank is high, you would need another pressure reducing stage and voilá, you'll have a complete standard scuba equipment (a mask is a must, anyway)


Reply 8 years ago

I didn't think of a regulator. im thinking that with something like that i could probably be able to breathe for longer than that. At best, this device should do as scuba gear does. except its small and doesn't hold as much air as an air tank.

Of course i was thinking of a mask, but ill get to that when i can make a schematic of how the air flow would work. In a way, im trying to make an O2 mask from the first Ratchet and Clank game, but for cheap and in my own style.

Thanks for your input man! i greatly appreciate it!