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Small fan hooked up to a thermosta to cool a computer in vented furniture Answered

I have a tower compute that I have put in a enclosed desk that I cut several vent holes but want to instal a fan as backup with a thermostat to insure proper ventilation. I was thinking buying a small desk fan that fit the space connected to a thermostat inside the enclosed space where the computer sits. 


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4 years ago

A PC powered external fan is a good approach. However, run it off of a separately powered USB hub so that it continues to draw residual heat after the PC is turned off. I have used two approaches. The first was a thermostatic fan using an always on socket on the surge suppressor. It ran when needed. The other is connected to a switched socket on the surge suppressor. Turn off the PC and a while later, turn off the surge suppressor.

Locate the fan high in the enclosure and make sure you have low openings to draw cool air. Make sure that the enclosure doesn't block the intakes and exhaust of the internal fan(s). Make sure the unventilated side isn't touching the enclosure. It can build up quite a bit of heat.