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Small heating element, possibly ceramic, to sense and maintain temperature. Answered

I am trying to make a heating element that would only turn on once the element itself reaches a certain temperature.

This element, possibly ceramic, would be dormant until it reached an internal temperature from an external source (liquid) of 100 deg F. Once it is triggered, it would produce heat to maintain the liquid at 100 deg F. Ive been trying to figure out the best way to do this and how much power would be required.

Say the liquid, well go with water, was 12 fl oz. how would I build a circuit that can be sensing temperature without using power, and once it reaches the desired temp, turns on the heater until the temperature either goes too high or drops too low so that it is not trying to work too hard.

Open to suggestions on heating element types or anything that could help with my project. Thanks in advance!



1 year ago

Nichrome wire used in heaters has a large resistance to temperature response.. This is used by a many devices to good affect but it does not make sense to apply power to a 100 degree set-point at the set point because this will cause huge oscillations of temperature !..


Answer 1 year ago

BTW the elemental heater you show has two additional small diameter wires, presumably a separate temperature measurement device..