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Small tesla coil? Answered

5000volt neon transformer too many capacitors? Should I just wait tell I can make bigger coil


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The MadScientist
The MadScientist

Best Answer 7 years ago

That's not too many capacitors. Bottle caps have a really low capacitance, however seeing as you're only using a 5kV transformer I would recommend a different type of capacitor to Layden jars. Perhaps buying a bunch of 3kV ceramic capacitors and making a 20kV MMC bank out of them.

I'm guessing you tried this thing and got no results? Well that may be due to your coils. The primary coil should be made of in your case thin maybe 1/8th inch copper pipe not wire and the secondary needs to have at least 600 turns of enameled copper wire not multi-strand wire. Be careful with this thing and don't touch the capacitors after use unless you know they are discharged.



Answer 7 years ago

The MadScientist is right, bottle caps have an incredibly low capacitince for thier size, You should invest in several highvoltage caps and build a bank.
Also your secondry should be a hollow consuctor (read about skin effect) or atleast a solid piece.

geo bruce
geo bruce

7 years ago

what is the current your transformer can drive?
it's best if you make your tesla coil around your capacitor bank
make a big as possible capacitor bank
use this excel sheet to see what the max capacitance you can handle is http://home.wtal.de/herbs_teslapage/calculate.zip
we have first made 2 crates of 12 bottles
with 24 wine bottle capacitors in it
but we had to much energy loss and just bought some capacitors
and now we have some nice results

but if you want to make your own caps i'd go for bottles