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Smart TV Antenna, does anyone know how to build one? Answered

I wanted to buy a smart tv antenna but no one makes them anymore.  Can a complete novice build one?




7 years ago

I agree with Re-design: Smart antennas are way out of the DIY category.

The photos in the below link will quickly explain the futility in scratch-building your own Smart Antenna:


For those of you not familiar with the concept of the Smart Antenna:
- The Smart Antenna had the unique ability to electronically fine-tune its orientation to any over-the-air television station transmitter within its range -and without any moving parts.
- Changing to another channel on your television (or digital-to-analog tuner box) would automatically activate the Smart Antenna to electronically fine-tune its orientation to the television channel selected.
- Smart Antennas, quite small in size, and with their advanced and complex internal electronic circuitry, promised to pull in more television stations than the archaic, traditional rooftop television antennas.

I feel that it's a shame that Smart Antennas never took off. If they were successful, free over-the-air high-definition broadcast television would have quickly run pay-for-view cable and satellite television out of business.

But the pull-in power of Smart Antennas, sadly, was well below that of the standard rooftop VHF/UHF rotating antennas of yore.

It seems that the Smart Antenna engineers, in their overvaluation of electronic circuitry, and undervaluation of raw antenna size and design, failed to see the forest for the trees. And while remarkable and intricate in their internal construction, none of the Smart Antenna prototypes should have gone in production. And doing so completely destroyed the credibility of the Smart Antenna concept, before it ever took off.


9 years ago

Smart antennas are way out of the diy catagory unless you are very well versed in rf and hardware/software design.

Read this link to find out more.

Smart antennas don't just aim for the strongest signals, some of them actually electrically reconfigure the antenna shape and process the signal for the best signal.


Answer 9 years ago

Thank you.  I thought it would be way over my head, but wanted to check.


9 years ago

What are they?
Does searching for "Yagi aerial" give you anything like? (You can build them easily)