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Smelly Watchband? Answered

I just purchased a very nice swiss wenger millitary watch that has a genuine leather watchband on it.  I wear it all the time, even when i work out and the leather has absorbed quite a lot of sweat and now reeks.  I've tried saddle soap and leather cleaner and they both dont get rid of the horrid smell. help?



8 years ago

I replace my watchband every few months because of this problem (It gets stinky after about a month and I only wear it a few days a week). If it is absorbent it will get stinky.


8 years ago

I'd suggest a soak in dilute hydrogen peroxide.
But if the leather has gone rotten, I'd suggest a new strap.
Not working out with it on your wrist ought to be obvious to you now.



8 years ago

Other then switching to a military metal band and changing your diet.

Take the leather and put it into a Ozone box for 3 days.
Ozone is O3 a triatomic molecule ( activated Oxygen ) just itching
to oxidize any odor through any porous  material like leather.

If you are rightly suspicious of this fix, let me ask you if you have ever
smelled a dinosaur flatulation  ( fart )......  NO they have long since
oxidized and turned a smelly gas to dust particles.

Ozone a gas generated by electrical sparks is a High Speed Oxidizer
and will cleanse those onerous reeks you so dislike in a matter of days
instead of a thousand years.

You need to know Ozone has a half life of 30 min, so you must
make it continually for three days.  
Ozone is safe and unregulated by OSHA under 100 LBs.  
I have noticed it can distress people with chronic asthma. 

Hope this helps.



8 years ago

you might try a pet deodorizer (no offense intended). However, I'm not sure what deodorizers will do to the leather, so be careful/