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Smiley with leds Answered


I want to create a simple toy for children that can respond to a child's actions.
I want the toy to look like a character with emotions : it can be happy, sad, etc..

I'm looking for a way to show the emotions through the 3D printed shell. I like the way the object in the picture does that. I was wondering if they use leds or lcd screen or anything else.

Do you have any idea ? 





2 years ago


Most plastics are transluscent so you just need a bright enough display behind it. It can be an OLED LCD panel for complex displays, individual LEDs laid out in a pattern, LED matricies, or a combination of backlit alphanumeric display elements.

Catherine Dupontcaitlinsdad

Reply 2 years ago

Thank for your answer !

As the toy should be quite small and a bit curved, do you know if any of the solutions you mentionned exist in a flexible format ?

caitlinsdadCatherine Dupont

Reply 2 years ago

If you need to fabricate a custom form fitting LED matrix, you can make one by wiring up individual LEDs with very flexible silicone coated/insulated wire. There is a flexible circuit protoboard that you can wire the matrix to. If the LEDs are not embedded close to the surface, you can make light transmitting "rods" back to the matrix board, diffuse with fiberfill or even do fiber optic channels but that is a lot more complicated for a toy. Lots of light up toys have a flat solid area for the lights while the rest is soft. A slight curvature should not affect it too much.