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Hello, I have an e-cigarette pushed into the cushion of a Whoopee cushion, and taped to tubing that runs under a black matt. A whole in the matt allows smoke to rise from the matt when I step on Whoopee Cushion. Problem Whoopee Cushion pops and doesn't give enough smoke to be impressive. Would you know of a solution like some kind of mini smoke machine that will give the smoke we need? Below attached is photo of Whoopee Cushion, e-cigarette, and tubing running under matt. Thank you, Alexander



25 days ago

Don't know about your requirements for "smoke" amount and speed....
But did you ever consider an ulrasonic mister?
These small things produce fog with just water.
I used them in a bottle with a tiny 5V fan from the computer scrap.
Small holes above water level and the fan placed wth some PVC pipe onto the neck of the bottle.
Duct tape was the key for my quick and dirty fog machine ;)

Good thing about this "smoke" is that it won't smell and creeps down.
So it will flow over your table once out of the hole instead of going into the air.
Not making any ads or suggesting to use this one, just to show waht I mean:
Fleabuy link to check if it suits your needs.


Reply 24 days ago

A small 5V fan is basically impossible to hear, even less if you add a little 100 Ohm resistor or diode in series to drop the 5V a little more.
Just try a small fan from the scrap first before you decide ;)

Jack A Lopez

25 days ago

There exist small, cheap pumps, essentially air moving devices, intended for inflating air mattresses, inflatable rafts, pool toys, etc. Some are powered by an electric motor. Some are made to be "pumped" manually, like by repeatedly compressing them, by hand or foot.

I often see these things in thrift stores, and I am guessing that when these things were sold new, the pump was an accessory, sold together with the bigger expensive toy, e.g. the air mattress, but in time, the two got separated, so that what is seen on the shelves of the thrift store, is just the pump.

You have probably seen these things before, but if you have not, I suggest asking your favorite image search engine to show you pictures of, "air mattress pump blower" or "bellows manual air mattress pump" or similar.



AlexanderS325Jack A Lopez

Reply 25 days ago

Yes I thought of that and bought a cheap foot air pump...but the smoke was very thin. Maybe I need to upgrad on the air pump. The electric motor ones the air pump makes too much noies. Not good for close up or parlour. Thank for the thought.


26 days ago

Here is a view from the back. Whoopee Cushion with e-cigarette, and tubing that runs under the matt to give smoke that appears to be coming out of a cylinder that sits on top of the matt.