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Smoker Racks? Answered

I am building a Smoker out of Pine Lumber and would like to hear ideas on  What Metal would be best for Food Smoker Grill Racks?  Or would Wood be better ?



2 years ago

Probably the "best" material would be stainless steel.

However, if the racks are getting lots of use, I see no problem with wood. I work in what was a fishing town, main catch herring for smoking. You can visit the old smoking sheds, which were all wood. Over decades and centuries of use, the wood has built up a patina of smoke which has penetrated to such an extent that the racks still smell of freshly-smoked herring two decades after the smokeries last worked.

BUT, that's in a shed that saw constant use, day and night, so the risk of infection would be minimal, thanks to the saily drying and sterilising effect of the process.


2 years ago

IMHO the only way to go is stainless steel.
Allows for proper cleaning with heavy duty cleaners or steel wool and won't corrode.
Plus it stays neutral.
Wood will soak in the juice and smoke and become quite bad after one or two rounds of usage.