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Smoking machine Specs, for hot smoky girl interactive sculpture ? (and ventilator) Answered

Hi I want a smoke machine that pumps low cubic meters or that imitates this picture. It`s for a huge 123dmaker face sculpture

Can i get this sort of effect? And can I get a ventilator that "inhales" the smoke  and makes it disapear?



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

Have you ever taken apart an ultrasonic humidifier?


I see these things all the time in thrift stores, at low prices. I think people buy them in the Winter, when indoor air is dry, and then throw them away, or give them away, in the Spring.

I know the mist produced by this kind of humidifier is not smoke. It is fog, tiny water droplets, but it kind of looks like smoke.

Also, in taking apart a machine of this kind, you will discover the fan that moves the mist, is not a hugely powerful fan. Often it is a fan so quiet, that you would not know it was there, except by discovering it there, by taking the machine apart.

Said another way: it does not take a lot of power to move smoke, or mist.

I am naively guessing any kind of small fan would work, and I would suggest trying one or more of those square, brush-less, DC powered fans, that can be found cheaply, in large numbers, in junked computer hardware.


The speed of this kind of motor can be varied by providing it with more, or less, voltage, to make it run slower or faster. The direction of this kind of fan cannot be changed. So to effect direction control with a fan of this kind, you would probably have to use two of them, and maybe some cleverly designed duct work.

And as long as I am linking to Wikipedia, so much, I might as well link to the article titled "Fog machine"


I am guessing this is the kind of smoke machine you want for your sculpture. Moreover, I am guessing you want hot (or warm) smoke. Cold mist, made from pure water, like from an ultrasonic humidifier, has a tendency to condense, and leave little water droplets everywhere.