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Snap Circuits IC's, can I get the same functions in a small IC? Answered

Hi. My kid (and I) have recently started messing around with Snap Circuits. We have a specific project in mind and want to design the circuit using Snap Circuits, then shrink it to fit in an Altoids box.

Question: Is there a direct facsimile available of the integrated chips in the Snap Circuits box? Meaning, the same input voltage and current, where I can assemble all the matching components to my Snap Circuits circuit (switches, resistors, capacitors), and then just switch in the new (small) IC for where the Snap Circuits IC goes. This would also help with troubleshooting.

Any thoughts?

Here is the Elenco supplied schematic description of the Snap Circuits' IC: http://www.snapcircuits.net/downloads/ic_info.pdf



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