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So. I have a mohawk with shaved sides. I want my hair to grow longer quicker, like really fast. any ideas? Answered

Ok, so I have a mohawk right?  :P  I want to make the back really long going down past my shoulders. I want to have my hair grow really fast though.  any ideas, like supplements or something cheap??  besides extensions and the eating healthy thing, cuz I already eat healthy and my hair barely grows a centimeter a month.



7 years ago

i have the best answer for you.. its really works you take 1 cup coconut oil, 1 cup amla oil,and 1 cup egg oil and mix them together and then put homoeo pathic medicine 50 drops arnica in Q potency and 50 jobarandi in Q potency and shake it well before use 90% result..it also make hairs healthy strong and shine able ,,,THANKS...


8 years ago

The answer is nothing. There is nothing you or anyone can do to make your hair grow faster.


8 years ago

Get a friend to add heavy-beads to your hair, like metal-nuts. Hang upside-down for 1 hour a day.
Otherwise there's this stuff called Patience, you might try that instead.



8 years ago

Regular Conditioning

Moisture is an essential ingredient to a good hair growth recipe. Begin a weekly regimen of deep conditioning. Not only will your hair growth rate increase, but you'll start to notice the overall condition of your hair begin to improve dramatically. Your hair will be softer, shinier, and most importantly healthier.

Scalp Massages & Blood Flow

Regular scalp massages help to increase blood flow and circulation which in turn helps to increase hair growth. They can also help to loosen up hair follicles and distribute your scalp's sebum, which is basically just a natural lubricant that keeps your scalp and hair from drying out. Simply using your fingertips (NOT your fingernails) for a few minutes at least once a day will do the trick. However, there are several decently priced little massaging tools out there that can make the job easier.


An imbalanced diet will show through in the condition of your hair. You can easily notice stunted growth, split ends, and breakage from not getting the appropriate nutrients necessary for long, healthy hair, the health of your hair won't actually improve if you aren't treating the problem from the inside out.

Aside from a healthy, balanced diet, there are a few foods you can eat that specifically help to increase your growth rate. An important thing to remember is that hair is made of protein. So a diet rich in protein is necessary for long healthy hair. Some foods with high protein content are: fish, eggs, beans, cottage cheese, tofu, liver, and lean meats. Another important nutrient is iron which you can get from dark leefy greens. Include also foods high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E like, nuts, fish, soy, avocados, seeds, legumes, and olive oil.

Vitamin Supplements: Biotin and MSM Supplements

Biotin is a vitamin B supplement recommended by many nutritionists to increase hair growth. It also can play a significant role in preventing hair loss. Instead of taking a vitamin, you can simply eat foods with a high biotin content such as brewer's yeast, green peas, oats, soybeans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, green peas, bulgur and brown rice.

MSM is another supplement that aids in increasing growth. MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane and is a sulfur compound that has positive benefits in the body and the hair since sulfur is a natural growth stimulant. Specifically, it helps to lengthen the hair growth phase.

As with anything, you should always discuss any dietary supplements with your doctor before use.


Nowadays, it almost seems that exercise is recommended for everything. Regular exercise keeps you healthy. A healthy person usually has healthy hair. End of story. Specifically, with regard to hair growth though, exercise increases blood flow to the scalp which again, aids in increasing hair growth. If you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, much like myself, start small. Start with 20-30 min 1-2 days a week. Gradually increase to at least 30 min workouts 3 days a week and you can easily start to see a notable increase in growth.

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8 years ago

I think the only thing that will help is time...lots of time.

I don't have any faith in supplements that claim to make hair grow.