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So, you're an Instructables junkie? Welcome to the Ibles 12 step! Answered

So, you've recently discovered you're addiction to Instructables. Its alright, this 12 step program will help even the most entangled Instructables junkie to become more tangled than ever before!

Step 1:
      Admission of the problem and the fact that it is inadequate compared to where you want to be, quite a few people have admitted they have a problem already

Step 2:
     Give up trying to get worse, you cant and its not your fault. Look to the robot for help, The androgen will assist you on your quest of self destruction.

Step 3:
      Make the decision to turn a larger amount of time over to the robot as it is the way to more.

Step 4:
      Look back at your Instructables browsing history and see for yourself that you have not visited enough! There is always more fix waiting here!

Step 5:
      Admit everything about your habitual abuse to a site member or two(they can be found [https://www.instructables.com/community/Instructables-Chat-Room/ here])
(conventional 12-steps also say to admit your issue to the higher power and yourself, but both you and the robot know your habits)

Step 6:
     Now that you have exposed your inadequite browsing habits, you must be ready to let the robot overlord help you.

Step 7:
      Ask our androgenous overlord to aid you in becoming a more addicted internet unit.

Step 8:
      List the I'bles you havent visited, made/finished.submitted, entered into contests, voted for in contests, commented on, colab'd on, faved, or rated, forums you havent visited, made, or commented on, questiones you havent asked, or tried to answer, groups not visited, joined, made, or contributed to, and commit yourself to changing all that.

Step 9:
      Do everything you listed to fix in step 8, then go and do more that you havent thought of yet.

Step 10:
      Reevaluate your limited addiction again and compare it to your first realization of your problem.

Step 11:
      Think about your questionable morals and habits(pertaining solely to the robot and its web domain) and find every avenue imaginable to exploit them.

Step 12:
      Now, being a more addicted individual and worthy of praise, you must assist the n00b junkies get to a currently unatainable level of addiction.


super moderator

9 years ago

I started out a junkie but happened to withdraw after some painful romantic affairs and now I'm returning to junkie status. May I return to the fold?


9 years ago

 Seriously have to do step 8 & 9...


10 years ago

Hi everyone. My name is V-Man, and uhhh, um...
I'm an Instructaholic.

V-Man737The Ideanator

Reply 10 years ago

*sniff* thanks. I hope to fully recover (i.e., add more Instructables) very soon.<br />

DJ Radio

10 years ago

I did all of this 12 times in the past year.