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Soccer Ball Afghan Pattern Answered

I'm looking for a crochet pattern for a soccer ball afghan.  Anyone? 


LunyJack A Lopez

Answer 4 years ago

Thanks! I've been searching via Google for an actual pattern and usually come up with "make hexagons, attach." My 85YO aunt doesn't seem to grasp the concept of make a bunch, put together.

Jack A LopezLuny

Answer 4 years ago

One of the links I uncovered was somebody selling plans for this, in PDF form, um, here:


for a price of about 6 USD.

You might have already seen that one.

I have no idea how detailed those plans are. Hopefully, for 6 bucks you'd get something better than "Make a bunch of hexagons. Then attach them together," but you never know.

Jack A LopezKiteman

Answer 4 years ago

Yeah. That's true, but you cannot tile an infinite 2D plane with hexagons and pentagons. I mean if you try that, it doesn't stay flat. It kind of wraps itself up into a soccer ball.


The attached image (found via Google image search for "crochet soccer afghan pattern") sort of shows this. When projected flat, the black regular pentagons sort of grow an extra side somehow, and turn into black regular hexagons.

I sort of see what you're saying about how when people try to draw a soccer ball on paper, they often get it wrong, by thinking it's all tiled hexagons, overlooking the pentagons.

However, I think tiled hexagons, is probably the easiest pattern for a crocheted blanket, and I think that's probably the pattern OP is looking for.

Of course for a more complex shape, like boxer shorts, maybe it's best to just forget about tiling, and just put a bunch of black pentagons on a white background, like here: