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Socially Responsible Textiles - Bagru Textiles Answered

One of my close friends from college , Jeremy Fritzhand, is spending a year in Bagru, India as a Union College Minerva Fellow.  He has created a business plan to allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Westerners by establishing a cooperative internet marketing strategy.  Read about Jeremy's journey and see how you can support his efforts and the efforts of the Bagru Artisans by visiting bagru.etsy.com.

About Bagru
Bagru - unique artisan village in India known for block printing, a technique that is used to create beautiful textiles.  It is one of the last print centers to use all natural dyes and no chemicals.

The Problem
The current system of textile trade in Bagru involves many middle men; the artisans have little to no interaction with the consumer.

Jeremy's Solution
Jeremy has formed a business plan to cut out the middle man and allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Western consumers.  He has been in Bagru for several months working with the Print Block Guild to establish a cooperative internet marketing strategy where the artisans can market their goods directly to the consumer.


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