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Sock Wars - Assassination by Knitting Answered

Check out Sock Wars, a knitting-based game of assassination by socks.

This sounds awesome, but I definitely don't knit fast enough to even try. (And I've never knitted socks!) Some of you might find it useful, though... looks like anyone can join from any country. Sign-ups close 3 May, assignments go out 9 May.

From their info page:

Sock Wars is the original and bloodiest extreme knitting tournament. If you are brave enough sign up to do battle you will be emailed a top secret assassination dossier on 9th May 2008. This file contains the details of your target and an exclusive, never-been-published-before knitting pattern with which to assassinate them.

To kill your target you must knit them the pair of socks in the pattern (your weapon) and mail it to them. Once your target receives your parcel they are dead and must post their death on the "fallen comrades" section of the sockwars site.

They must also immediately send you details of their intended target (who becomes your next person to assassinate) along with their unfinished knitting (which becomes your new weapon).

All the while this is going on, someone has been assigned you as their target!

Prepare to live in fear! Kill or be killed!


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the potato
the potato

8 years ago

the link is out and the video is gong