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Software alternative to presenta nova photo cam? Answered

My Dad is opening an optical store and he wanted to get the Presenta Nova Photo Cam. The only problem is that we would be paying about 2, 500 Euros on a touch screen computer and a web cam. The reason we need this is because when a client trys on new glasses he/she may no be able to see themselves properly, with this piece of technology they can take a picture,of themselves, view it later on and send it to a friend. This thing look pretty neat (as in tidy and is a no hassel or mess all in one) and has auto shoot, but its close to $3000 in Canadian Dollars. Also  I know I can scrap togeather an old computer and web cam, ect.and make a nice cabnet for them, but i need an all in one software. If you guys know of an alternative product that would be nice too. I dont mind spending money, just not $3000.


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