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Solar LED strip using lgabc21865 Answered

I have 2 solar panels that were used to charge shed lights (2 x AA batteries from each panel). And some lgabc21865 lap top batteries. I'm curious what would be needed to run some 12v led strip lights instead of the poor lights that were originally there using the LG batteries. Or if the idea is even worth the trouble. I'm very new to electronics in this capacity of setting up batteries with BMS. But I feel like it would be a good starting point to learning and useful at the same time. I have seen many tutorials on setting up battery packs with the batteries, but nothing for charging with solar or outputting 12v. Everything seems to run 5v using the TP4056 and micro USB. Any advice or information would be super helpful.


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1 year ago

I've located a bit more information. The TP4056 seems to be a go to BMS for the cells. My only concern is does anyone know if it can be used (and how) so that it only charges when light powers the solar panels and then only outputs power when no longer charging? Or is there a better route to go for this? I was watching a YouTube video that said cells cannot charge and out put at the same time safely.