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Solar Panel System Circuit Check, am I right? Answered

Okay so I'm about to start putting together a small Solar Charging Station to charge most of my small battery devices and I want to include a usb port to charge ipods and such. My system before integrating the usb will use a panel providing 12V to a 12V battery through a charge controller. The battery would then power devices through an inverter. I was planning on hooking up a 5v voltage regulator and 220uf capacitor in parallel to the battery and charge controller. My main concern is: Will any problems occur when hooking up a 5v device with a smaller battery in parallel to the other 12v battery through a voltage regulator? If so, how could i change the circuit to be safe and still allow for the usb port? Also would the use of a switching diode be of importance here? Thanks for the help!


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12 years ago

If you get a 5v 500ma voltage regulator, you'll be fine!