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Solar Powered Rechargable Battery Charger Wiring? Answered

I have a 16v/1.2 Amp (output) solar panel that I want to power a 12-16v/800mA (input) rechargable battery charger.
Do I need to add a AGC 800mA in-line fuse or? Should the fuse holder be 32v or? Any suggestions?


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10 years ago

With the numbere you give... it looks like your solar panel can OUTPUT more amps (1.2).. than your charger can handle on its INPUT... ( zero point 8 amps).
So my guess is the 800 ma fuse will blow when the panel puts out 1.2 amps on a very sunny day. Placing a larger fuse will not solve the problem because that will cause too many amps to enter your charger. so my opinion is you need a bigger charger or a smaller solar panel.