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Solar Windmills Answered

Of the various renewable energy sources out there, solar and wind are among the most popular. Already windmills are springing up in various parts of the country. This got me thinking, what if you used some of that space on the windmill to harvest some energy. For example, what if you attached solar cells to the windmill rotors of tower to harvest extra power. What do you guys think?



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12 years ago

attaching solar panels to the rotor is a bit too complex (how to get the wires so they won't wrap around ?) and heavy (lowering the efficiency of the windmill). they will also be in not optimal angle to the sun and possibly in the shadow at all the pole should be as transparent to wind as possible to not affect the efficiency of the turbine the part of the pole below the blades may be a good place but only for very small panels. why ? panels have large surface area. when the wind blows that means more force applied to the pole. the pole should then be made stronger and so on roofs and walls in homes are a huge and mostly unused area. they are the target for lots of solar cells industry needs larger amount of both solar panels and windmills. but it'd be more practical to make the panels separate from te windmills street lighting does not need much of them either (the panel can be mounted on the pole) but in my opinion street lighting is unneeded altogether. atleast not the way we know it today