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Solar charger with power plug input? Answered

I love all the solar pieces on instructables, but I was wondering if you can make a solar charged device with a power plug input in it so anything can be plugged in such as a phone charger without having to dedicate the solar charger to one item by ripping up an existing phone charger. Thanks


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Best Answer 11 years ago

I bought a 15 watt solar panel that came with three optional connectors. One for 12v battery connection, one with a bare wire connection, and one with a male end plug for a cigarette lighter socket. I ended up switching out the male end plug with a trailer connector that had a 12v female socket. Now I can use my panel by plugging 12v DC accessories directly into the 12v female socket -- as long as they all have the male end connectors. Works great as long as the appliances have wattage lower than the 15 watt solar panel. I have recharged my cell phone, used a 10 watt fan, LED lights, and battery charger to recharge AAA/AA batteries. Hope this helps.