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Solar light circuit WITHOUT transistors? Answered

Hello, I've disarmed a garden solar light and need to reconstruct its circuit, but I can't figure it out, because it has no transistors. I've searched the internet and haven't found any circuit without transistors.Here are the parts :
- one diode
- one resistor, apparently 12 Kohm
- one inductor, apparently 100 µH
- one capacitor 10 µF
and of course one led (orange) And that's all.
It's on a board where connections are not visible, so how is everything connected?Thanks for any reply



8 years ago

There's no reason to put an inductor in there. Can we see a photo of the PCB ?



8 years ago

You haven't mentioned a battery. Is there one?

Another question: Does the LED light up during the day? If so, the design doesn't have the "turn on light only when solar cell isn't producing power" feature, which needs a transistor or other active component. That would be an inefficient design from an energy point of view, but might work well enough... and would be more efficient from a manufacturing-cost point of view.