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Solar panel phone charger? Answered

Hey Indestructible Instructables!

I have a small solar panel that came with a headlamp. The headlamp was stolen but I still have the small solar panel that came with it. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the panel function as a phone charger. The panel has a micro USB (male) connector so I went to Best Buy and purchased a micro USB (female) to USB Type-C (male) adapter (my Galaxy Note 9 has the type C connector). I plugged the panel into my phone using the adapter but nothing happened. I know it's not the panel or the adapter because I tested both on different things just to make sure. I have attached links of everything I'm using. So is this project a complete wash?

The panel: https://hybridlight.com/products/the-headlamp

The adapter: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/digipower-re-fuel-3-3...


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1 year ago

You say you measured it... What is the Opencircuit voltage of the panel while in the sun? What is the voltage if connected to the phone?
Does the Voltage tank for a small time if you plug the panel in?

See, a phone is a really high load compared to the tricklecharge the panel does to the lamps internal LiIon-Battery. So i think it may just be too high of a load for the panel to charge.
Thats why i ask for the brief fall in voltage below what reasonable for USB (4.5V): If the cells cant provide enough power to keep the current flowing at at least 4.5V, the phone will not accept the power as it is too low of voltage. It then may disconnect entirely or do other thjings... Depends on the phone really...