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Solar panel question Answered

hello i am long time lurker of instructables.com and i love the site and its inspired me to build a few things. that said onto my question. 

i was at my local Dollar Tree Store (Dollar Store) and noticed the solar powered walkway lights. so i bought a few and decided i could salvage the solar panels.. so a few screws and some applied pressure later i have some small cells 35.6mm by 29.6mm with a model number (SC3630S-4N) and everything so i googled it and i get this website as the only one listing voltages and mA's but there are two sets and i am unsure which set i need to be aware of and exactly what it all means.


so any one can explain to me what the 4 values mean i know (V) is voltage and (mA) is amperage but why list them twice.



8 years ago

Voc -- voltage at open circuit (no load)

Vmp -- voltage at maximum power (voltage when the cell + load combination is @ max efficiency)

Imp -- Current at maximum power (current @ max efficiency)

Isc -- current through a short circuit (crazy maximum load)

Vmp and Imp are the most useful. TYP means "typical," so YMMV. And the ratings are for a specific light intensity (Test Condition).


8 years ago

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