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Solar powered 3D lantern converting existing LED fairy lights? Answered

Hi, I am trying to make a 3d lantern for my art project at college. I want to solar power it using Led fairy lights and a solar power rechargeable cell, I need to pull it all apart and just use the Led's of one colour, and put it all back together. The solar power cell is PCB wired to have 6 different functions. If I gut it and then rewire, how will I know which points to solder to just function as an on and off setting? I notice that the existing fairy lights have up to 4 wires running from them skipping to different colours in the circuit along the 10m length. Help. I have to have this project in in 1 weeks time! yikes, and I just found this site. P.S. I am a girl, so keep the answers low level tech!! :)?



9 years ago

solar lights are gonna output at most 2-3 volts Strings of fairy lights require household current - and because you called them 'fairy' lights I assume you in UK - so probably 220 volts. There is no reasonable way to make a solar light run more than 2 or 3 leds for any appreciable amount of time. There are strings of LEDS that use a much larger (say 2-10 watt) solar panel to charge a sla battery during the day and run a small string at night. Again, one, or even a few solar garden lights won't cut it.