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Solar powered go kart with interesting body design. Answered

Hello forum and thanks for your attention.

Its common practice for the average engineer to build a go kart. Lets put that gas engine to the side and put something that will benefit our environment. I'm talking solar energy, you know, the energy source that does not pollute.

Ok so I wasn't bluffing when I said I had your attention right? ok.

First off is the stating the problem.

Problem: limited distance with inefficient vehicles.
We heavily rely on environment polluting machines that limit our range of travel and actually costing us more and more money to refuel.
Hybrid cars were invented to bandaid the problem .....keyword bandaid. They are very expensive the way technology is now and they still use gasoline. .... They are simply an expensive and half step solution to the problem leading most consumers to buy gasoline only cars regardless.

my guess

hypothesis: If you create a car or vehicle for vague definition that is very very affordable, safe, easy to maintain and gives 3 to 4 times more mileage than your average economy car by utilizing pure electric and solar energy (electric) , then you will win consumers and help the environment.

my project will try to solve the problem on a 16 year old boy's financial level and try to prove my hypothesis 90% true.

Join me forum in my quest please.

As of now i'm thinking 3 wheel vehicle 7ft by 3 ft.
2 idle steering wheels in the front with a hub motor wheel in the rear.
Based upon affordability I'm thinking around 1000w to 1500 watts. with a 36 or 48v system.

solar panels I plan on making myself by buying individual cells with good efficiency.

As or right now I am working on a budget of $2000 and is in desperate need of what parts to buy.

Hope to hear from the forum.



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9 years ago

Has it occurred to you that (We heavily rely on environment polluting machines) people are lazy?

Do you need a powered kart, or could you use your legs instead?

Solar energy> plants> animals> food> you> energy> kart-power.



9 years ago

If it is a proof of concept you are after I would stick to building a regular go-kart frame, use an 1-2hp electric motor powered from a battery pack, some kind of gas powered generator to power the battery pack, solar panels that also feed the battery pack, and suitable electronics to control the whole flow of power. (keep in mind that

As for actual road vehicles. Try looking up bubble cars. They seem to have most of the criteria you list except the solar panel. You could try to convert one of those.

In either case you should go for the iterative approach: Plan, Design, Build, Test, Evaluate, Repeat. Start simple. Something like first a rolling frame, then steering, breaks, motive force, power supply & control, solar, body & beautification.

Finally, keep records. Document, label, list, draw, photograph, and film as much as possible. You might even want to start up a blog or something to chronicle your progress. This will not only help organise your own ideas but also remind you why certain decisions were made and make it easier for people to help you in your quest.

Good luck