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Solder-It-Yourself LED Board Kit Answered

Hello all, I'm here to offer my LED board kit. You may be familiar with it if you saw my Ready, Set, Go! Lights Instructable. They were originally a product I was making to light up Hyundai Tiburon's but that ultimately did not pan out and now I have quite a few spare parts.

I will be selling these at cost in an attempt to make back a portion of the money I spent designing them. (AKA need money for new projects! :P )

You get everything you see in the picture:

(1) blank LED board PCB
(10) Super-flux 'really bright' LEDs (1 extra)
(6) 1/4W surface mount resistors (3 extra, they are notoriously small and easy to lose)
(1) 1N4001 diode for reverse polarity protection

Available colors are white, blue, and red (custom combos are available)

Price is $3USD per kit, shipping to North America is $2.50USD (Canada Post Light Packet) up to 6 kits.
$1USD soldering fee for those not comfortable soldering.

Paypal is the preferred payment method.

Check out some pics of finished boards: http://www.rumblerobotics.com/tiblights



8 years ago

i can not access your link so i have a question
how does it work ??
or just lighting ??


9 years ago

nice hi i am new to this site can i add u as a fnd reol;y me

Jr Hacking kid

9 years ago

Orange led?  

umm 3 blue and 6 orange?


9 years ago

how would I go about purchasing a few of these? I dont see any link to take me anywhere or a paypal account


10 years ago

Good price and kit! If I were teaching soldering or basic circuit design, this would be a neat solution.


10 years ago

The forum doesn't seem to show when a new thread is posted..so heres a comment! :)