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Soldering Multiple Internal Mobile Phone Antenna together ? Answered


I would like to know from dead phone or new part. Is it possible to  solder multiple internal mobile phone antenna together ? By  Adding these antenna in range of 1-25 piece together or so on other circuit board . By adding this  can we get high frequency bandwidth antenna ? Further can we use it some how to make it a broadband antenna or something else.

These is just prototype type idea. Please feel free to let me know you inputs .




6 years ago

I know its not so easy. Someone has created a large backup battery by adding 50 cell phone battery together in the same way. Possibly we can create a telecom RF antenna or so . This can help to create a small low budget telecom tower for any rural part. Need some more technical input .


6 years ago

You could always try and see what happens. Antenna design is a little more complicated than holding a wire clothes hanger and sticking your hand in the air. There is a lot out there to read up on.