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Soldering irons ? Answered

Would any one know what type and where to get a soldering iron to solder tabs on to solar cells




10 years ago

For a beginner, for most small electronic projects, I would recommend a 25 watt pencil iron. Higher wattage irons will melt solder faster but are also more likely to cook semiconductors; they're better reserved for soldering to switches and other larger metal tabs. Personally, I like the interchangable-element pencil irons with cork-insulated handles, if you can still get them; that gives you a reasonable amount of flexibility while fitting into a fairly small box when not in use.


10 years ago

If it a small toy cell, a normal soldering iron. If you are talking about large installation cells,you would need a soldering gun or crimp-on connectors. You can find soldering irons at electronic frys/radioshack/amazon/ebay. Crimpon connectors can be found at home depot and similar stores.