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Solid Color Analog LED strip Answered

I just want to make a backlit box with a logo on it. I'm looking for the backlighting to be green. Every single video or tutorial I find on Analog LED strips jumps straight into using a controller or an Arduino. Can I not just use a power supply? Can I use resistors or something of the like to send x amount of power to r, g, or b for the color I want? Is there not just a simple LED strip guide out there?


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2 years ago

You can get single color LED strips but the RGB ones are usually in the same price range.
And yes, you can power them directly if need be.
However these little "dimmers" that come with the white strips or are sold seperate for 2 bucks or so are worth it.
Just cut the strip to the lenght you need, plug the dimmer in and connect to 12V, done ;)
Otherwise just reduce the input voltage and use a 9V power supply for example if you don't need the full brightness.


Reply 2 years ago

Well one of my projects I just need solid green.