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Solving the rubiks cube Answered

Could someone please tell me how to do this in English please instead of using U L F B R and " ' just say turn the right side clockwise or counter clockwise. or the left side or top or bottom or back?????



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11 years ago

I could... but it would be EXTREMELY hard to do using things like right side clockwise or top side counter-clockwise.

I WILL however tell you how to use that notation. (U U' R R' L L' F F' B B' D D')

U = top (up) side-------------(opposite D)
D = bottom (down) side-----(opposite U)
R = right side------------------(opposite L)
L = left side---------------------(opposite R)
F = front side-------------------(opposite B)
B = back side------------------(opposite F)

If there is a ' after the letter you turn it CLOCKWISE
If there is NOTHING after the letter you turn it COUNTER-CLOCKWISE

Hope this helped :)