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Some ideas for renewable energy power (Solar & Pedal Power) Answered

Hi Friends,

I have seen lots of  instructables and have some wacky ideas in mind, please check the practical application of these ideas:

Solar death ray + sterling engine

clubbing heat of solar death ray and giving it to sterling engine for unlimited solar power and rotate motor to generate electricity. Is it possible?


al;so just search solar death ray on youtube you will find its power

Second idea is very simple

to harness the power used by people in gym in using treadmill (manual) and cycle and other weight lifting instruments and generate electricity when the mechanical power in gym is used.

Please give your inputs.



7 years ago

exactly like this


can we make this on a huge scale and generate electricity from it ? ??


Reply 7 years ago

They aren't easy to make, or terribly efficient. To make them efficient they need to contain hydrogen, under high pressure.



Reply 7 years ago

I thought they used liquified salt or something. There's an installation like this in the desert somewhere that works exactly as rsk's description.


7 years ago

1) Yes, you can concentrate sunlight on a stirling engine and use it to generate electricity, and it has been done both in a DIY style (as you found) and on a larger scale commercially. Like most renewable energy sources, the technology all works, but it's expensive and less reliable than fossil/nuclear electricity.

2) Yes, it could be done but the amount of power you get from a person on an exercise bike, rowing machine etc. is a few hundred watts at most. My gym could probably only just power its own lights using all the people in it at a busy time. You'd need every person in the country to be riding an exercise bike all day to generate a significant amount of power.


7 years ago

Regarding the "solar death ray sterling engine", you can already buy solar sterlings, with the hot end of the engine at the focus of a parabolic mirror, and there are several other versions of solar heat engine on the commercial and home-made scenes.