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Some tips for digital calipers user Answered

          Do you have a digital caliper, and what do you do when there is some truoble on the display of digital calipers? Now i will share some tips to all of my new friends, and i sincerely hope that they will offer you some help when you needed.
          When using the digital calipers for a long, long time, there will be some following troubles:
        1. When digital calipers occur to the flashing digits, that means it is in low voltage. So the users should replace the button cell.
        2. When there is no display on the digital calipers, maybe it is in low voltage or in poor contact. For the reason of low voltage, the user need to replace the button cell; while for the reason of poor contact, the user need to adjust and clean the battery seat.
        3. When the display just shows the fixed digits, it means there is accidental trouble in circuit. So the user should take out the battery and put in back after one minute.


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10 years ago

Did you forget to spam the digital caliper maker website  or did you want to create an instructable on how to use one?


Reply 10 years ago

The former.  This "female" user already created two simultaneously incomplete and SPAM I'bles, which I've flagged (though it was probably already done).