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Someone is lurking on my life and I need to trace their IP address Answered

Meh. Okay. So apparently in 2009 I sent nudes to my boyfriend, who then spammed them to various sites after we broke up. All in all, someone from Australia who knows my current boyfriend, is threatening that hes going to post these pictures up on websites and link them to my boyfriend. Now, I don't really care because it was in 2009 and we all have bodies and its not a huge deal. Just I was 16 then and I don't think nakkie pictures of 16 yearolds should be on the internet. so, he is harassing me on skype and I was wondering if I could get his ip address. I read some posts about this and they didn't seem too conclusive. I am just curious.



8 years ago

First of all, what happened is quite illeagal. That is child pornography. Under no circumstances should those pictures have made it onto the internet. (I would say that you never should have taken them in the first place... but that's just me.) Second of all, the ip address is probably spoofed. Good luck tracing it... it's pretty easy to spoof an ip, anyone with access to google could do it. There are ways of tracing it, but that is the governments job. Go to the proper authorities and get this taken care of. Don't mess around trying to fix it yourself.


8 years ago

What do you meant by "apparently in 2009 I sent nudes to my boyfriend"? Did you, didn't you, or can't you remember? (this may be important)

Like you say: "I don't really care because it was in 2009 and we all have bodies and its not a huge deal"
You stick with that, it's a right way of thinking and don't give in to blackmail - give them "the finger(s)".



8 years ago

If he knows your boyfriend, doesn't your boyfriend know him?

If your boyfriend can ID him, you can set the real-world authorities on him, since his threats are blackmail, which is illegal, even in Australia.

In the mean-time, it's probably safer to be up-front with your current boyfriend, tell him you did something silly in a previous life, and now there are nude pictures of you loose on the internet. That will both partially neutralise the blackmail threat, and show your current boyfriend that you trust him.